Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yinzers of the Round Table: Which center goes?

No rules battle. Leave a comment below.

Which center should the Penguins trade? Sid, Geno or Staal?

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  1. The center to go has to be Staal. It's an unbelievably hard decision the Pens will have to make, but he's simply not a third line center. The Pens desperately need to find a shut down defenseman or a scoring winger for Sid. Geno's line is set with obvious chemistry with Kunitz and Neal. Sid plays well with Dupuis, but he's not had an outstanding scorer on his line since Marian Hossa. That surely needs to be addressed during the offseason. The hardest part of getting Staal traded will be if the Pens will be able to get what Staal is truly worth. The playoffs should have boosted his stock, but I guess time will only tell.