Friday, December 28, 2012

#YouMightBeAJagoff line of shirts

Since Pittsburgh sports are leaving a huge void in our lives, we are going to try a new line of shirts.

Our new idea is to use the You Might Be a Redneck made famous by Foxworthy. Except, we will you You Might Be a Jagoff.

Use the hashtag #YouMightBeAJagoff on twitter to enter our contest.

I will pick my favorites and print them on various apparel. If I sell 15+ of your idea, you get a free shirt.

I will post my favorites. If you don't have Twitter, post a comment below to enter.

Pittsburghese Quotes on a T

A lot of people where shirts with famous quotes or inspirational messages. In Pittsburgh, we have our own language with Pittsburghese. I am starting a line of "motivational" Yinzer quotes. I would love some feedback. Post your ideas in the comments below, on twitter at or on Facebook!/theclassyyinzer

For example:

"Dose who slows dahn before da Squorl H'l tunnel should drive off da bridge on da udder side."

If I select your "quote," and I sell 15 of them, you get a free shirt.

I am excited to see your ideas.