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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tangradi: The Weakest Link

I don't write about sports very often, which is why I let my other writers handle it. However, watching Eric Tangradi skate on the same line at Neal and Malkin is disheartening. To me it is like watching the winner of the "Play 1 shift with the 2nd line" contest. Every goal scored by Neal and Malkin while on a full strength, 5 on 5 shift with Tangradi, should count as a short handed goal.

I cannot see this lasting through the month of January.
At the same time, I don't see an answer to replace Tangradi.
Beau Bennett?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

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Scrimmage Breakdown

Maxin's Musings: Black vs. White Scrimmage Thoughts Yo...

So hockey is back. It WAS just a glorified scrimmage as so many people said leading up to it, but man, it sure had the feel of a game. The pace was fast, contact was legit (keep your head up Warren Peters), and even at the end, it didn't diverge into any silliness that you might see at a regular practice scrimmage.  Huge win for ROOT to air it and treat it like a regular game.  Kudos to Disco Dan and the other coaches, and the players for keeping the intensity up, and putting on a good show for the 18,000 faithful that came out to watch. 18,000??! Whaaat? I guess the Pgh region ain't holdin' any grudges towards the Pens, players or owners.  Well, I'm sure there's still a few negative Nancys, but they better get over it soon.  Or they're going to miss some good hockey in the next 4 months.  Sucks to be them.  Specific thoughts on the game last night:

  • The Big Dog should NOT be running around in the yard with the other "real" Big Dogs.  Man, Tangradi looks worse every year.  Slow. Hands of stone. Confused. Afraid to throw his giant frame around and cause some havoc.  The Tangradi-top-line-experiment just blew up in the lab.  What a colossal waste... is he even tradeable?
  • Beau Bennett: Liked his hands and speed.  Nice goal down low on MAF.  Is he ready to skate with Neal and Geno? Not yet I don't think.  And you can't waste him on the 3rd or 4th line.  He's built like my 7 year old daughter in the upper body for goodness sake.  Could see him called up later in season due to injury.  Like the kid, but get hand him some kettlebells dude.
  • Defense: Looked better than the last time we saw them in the PHI series.  But that's like saying the dog crap in my yard is easier to pick up frozen than in the spring when it's rainy out.  Orpik played tough all night, Letang looked fast and scary offensively, but with less craziness than we saw out of him in the PHI series.  Martin? I didn't even notice he was playing until the 2nd period which is a POSITIVE for him.  If you notice him, that usually means it's 2-0 and he's sprawling across the ice.
  • Newb Brandon Sutter: Wow.  Jordan who?  This guy is going to sell some jerseys. Fast, big, great hockey sense.  Now we see why Carolina really didn't want to part with him. Bet he scores 6-8 Short handed goals this season. Bold prediction, but who cares. Line for the fan club starts behind me. 
  • Geno/Sid: Geno looked in mid-season form.  Scary good.  The puck sticks to him like glue.  Sid was kind of a non-factor, but whatev. I predict Geno wins scoring title by 20 points, and Sid isn't even 2nd in the race, but has a phenomenal year and scores some HUGE GW goals.  Hopefully against Philthadelphia.
What did you think of the scrimmage?  Share your comments below.  Hockey is back yo. Countdown to Saturday is on.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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The Black and Gold scrimmage and questions that might be answered tonight

This is arguably the biggest Black and Gold scrimmage ever, just for the fact that people are so starving for hockey that Root is putting the game on live Tv. So hear are a few things to watch for tonight while you are watching the game. Firstly who will end up on Geno's wing. This is the one thing every one seems to focus on this off season. Malkin won the scoring title last year and the one constant was on his left wing in James Neal but on the right side there has been no right answer yet. Eric Tangradi seems to be the front runner at this point but if Beau Bennett can have a stellar showing he could have a shot at dethroning the big dog and taking the spot. The one big Down side is both of them will not make the team only one will. For that reason its probably going to be Tangardi since he has a few years of age on Beau and his game may actually be a little bit polished. Simon Despres is another young guy that could show something tonight that makes it hard for Bylsma to send him back down to Scranton Wilkes Barre. He did get some time with the big club last year due to injuries and may get called up even if he doesn't make the team out of camp. He is very young as well but his game seem to have taken a slight step back early this season with Scranton. He has been a healthy scratch a handful of times but that could be just due to the log jam of defensive players in the system. The last thing that i will be watching for tonight is how the power play and short handed units will run. with a very short camp these two things could be very important going into the season. I would venture to say most teams power plays will slump early this season and the teams that will succeed there will be familiarity to those units that they have been together for years and can pick right back up with each other. Should be a fun scrimmage to watch and hopefully some definitive answers.

Monday, January 14, 2013

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Yinzer Treasures from @jus_tee_nuh

Something Other Than a Bar to Visit in the South Side

Here I am, back with another Yinzer Treasure from my Pittsburgh adventures. But first, a story. (Because let’s be honest, everyone loves to talk about themselves.)

When I was a student at Slippery Rock University, I was the kind of nerd that would pick up all my textbooks and go to a coffee shop to infuse my body with deadly amounts of espresso to study all day. If you’ve ever been to Slippery Rock, or Butler County in general, you’ll know that there are very few coffee shops… or shops… or anything that isn’t a farm, really. Sometimes I’d travel quite a distance to find a place with wifi and a staff that doesn’t mind if you’re there for hours. Typically Cranberry was my ideal location since it’s only about 30 minutes from Slippery Rock, but we all know I love an adventure so one day I picked up my nerd gear and dragged my friend to South Side to get some work done.

For those of you who only venture out to South Side at night for bar crawls, during the day it draws in a much different group of people. You’ll find a lot of hipsters roaming East Carson Street while the sun is still up. Follow one of those hipsters along East Carson until you’re right between 13th and 14th streets, and you’ll find The Beehive Coffeehouse. Not to be confused with The Beehive Strip Club over in Delmont, although I’m sure they draw in quite a crowd too.

This place is the kind where you walk inside and want to look at every single thing that is plastered on the walls (or in this case, the walls, doors, floor, ceiling, countertop, tables, chairs, garbage cans, bathroom stalls, etc.) but you just can’t because life is only so long. This coffee shop is a hipster’s paradise. You can sit all day long if you want and do your thing, whatever your thing may be. People come in with their schoolwork like me, but in the many times I have been there, I’ve also seen people doing things like playing chess, strumming guitar, and practicing for a school play. They also have pool tables, a bookshelf full of literature to read while you’re sipping on your awesome drink, and they even bring in live entertainment from time to time.

When I returned to The Beehive this past Friday to sit back and review my bartending school material (another story for another time) I was happy to see that it was exactly what I remembered. They have awesome sandwiches, soups, and desserts that are made fresh every day. For our vegan friends out there, this is one of those places you can place on your list of vegan-friendly places to eat. For those of us who enjoy kicking back with a beer in a more chill setting than a bar, The Beehive also has bottled beer, mixed drinks, and wine. You can choose your seating from a regular old table near the counter to the elevated window seats in the front, where other stores might put a window display. These seats put you literally inches away from the people walking down the sidewalk outside, letting you get a good view of what’s going on all around in South Side. I know that just sparked up your inner creep, don’t even lie to me.

Even though it’s a little bit of a hike from my apartment to The Beehive, the trip is always worth it. Open from 8 a.m. until as late as 2 a.m., you can spend all day here getting your schoolwork done and indulging in fresh food and drinks. This is a coffee shop that I promise you will find yourself coming back to again and again.

Visit their website at Photos borrowed from The Beehive Coffehouse's Facebook.

Justina is a contributing blogger to The Classy Yinzer. She can be easily spotted throughout Pittsburgh looking for the next Yinzer Treasure. From restaurants to art galleries, if you know of a place worthy to be explored, put it on Justina's map by emailing or by commenting below.

Friday, January 11, 2013

If you build end it, will they come?

So now that the NHL lockout is a distant memory and team schedules are on the verge of release... the water cooler talk and sports talk show debates (aside from predicting if Crosby or Malkin can get 50 in 48 games) is: What will the NHL fans do?  To show, or not to show, that is the question.

As in the iconic and vastly slow movie Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner is told, "If you build it, they will come...."  Now that they've ended it, will you come back?  Will you spend your hard-earned dollars on tickets, overpriced concessions (first 4 game freebies aside), parking, baby-sitters, pre-game greasy food and cold beverages knowing that the billionaire owners and millionaire players essentially held us hostage for 3 months?

The die-hards will be back. These are the people who have hockey running through their veins, and September and October Steelers football is just a filler until hockey begins.  It's already been stated by the P-G that only 30 or so season ticket holders gave up their seats in disgust (leaving all us waiting list wanna-be's still on the outside looking in).  They'll be back in full force, like the season picked up in October as normal.  But what about the casual fans?  Those that go to only 2-3 games a year, and would rather watch the playoffs in the comforts of their own homes?  Tough to say... but I would bet 50/50 on the support level based on just a few conversations with some casual fans I know.

This guy? Uh, I'm just waiting to find out what day individual ticket go on sale, and how many computers logged in it will take me to score some home opener seats.

They ended it; I'm coming.  See ya soon Sid and Geno. See ya soon.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome @jus_tee_nuh as our new writer for Yinzer Treasures

  “Crabcake sandwiches.”

Of all the foods to crave in Pittsburgh, this was what my sister said she wanted for lunch during my most recent city adventure last week.

Keeping in mind that it is currently the middle of winter and that Pittsburgh is six hours at best from the nearest ocean, good seafood can be a tricky thing to find in our beloved city at this time of year. Of course, there is the ever-famous and always delicious Wholey’s Fish Market in the Strip District, but we were parked close to Consol for an event, so we decided just to hike over to Market Square to see what was cooking. Plus mom said she thought she knew of a place there that might have good seafood.
As always, mom knows best. Like little ducklings, my sister and I followed her into The Original Oyster House, The Classy Yinzer’s very first Yinzer Treasure. The Original Oyster House is everything someone could imagine a restaurant being that is described as being “the original.” Decades of posters and photographs line the inside, and with its closely packed tables and friendly staff, this place could make anyone feel at home. Don’t let the small size of the building fool you, this place has been serving up some of the best seafood around for 142 years, making it the oldest restaurant and bar in the city as recognized by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation. Bonus points to this treasure hunter right here for finding a historical landmark for her first Yinzer Treasure!

The crabcake sandwiches on the menu instantly sold my sister, who is a tough one to please. Mom got the Key West oyster platter, and I got the breaded oyster sandwich. All of us ordered a side of coleslaw and fries, the two of them got a cup of clam chowder, and we shared a side of calamari.
As a side note, I don’t want anyone to think I’m a food expert. I never went to culinary school or participated in a food tasting class (do they have those?) I’m just here to taste test what our city has to offer and give you the scoop.

All I have to say is that this food was to die for. Sometimes I get nervous ordering seafood in a place I’m not familiar with. It can go either good or not so good, and the not so good is normally that chewy texture you have to really force down. Not the case at all here. I think these oysters may have melted in my mouth. They were breaded with what The Original Oyster House says is their recipe belonging to a past owner, dating back to the early 1900’s. It’s easy to see why it hasn’t changed. The oysters were served on a fresh roll, and the coleslaw was just as fresh. Mom was kind enough to offer me some of her clam chowder, which was also amazing, but dangerously filling! A bite of my sister’s crabcake sandwich was out of the question though, she was enjoying it way too much.

The best thing about the food was that although most of the food we had was fried, it had just enough breading on it to make it crispy but not greasy, and it didn’t leave you feeling heavy afterwards. If only all fried foods could be heavenly like that.

All in all, we left stuffed. I’d love to have a report on the dessert, but there was no way we could eat anymore. My only regret is not getting a t-shirt on the way out. But I’m sure I’ll be back again to test out some more of their extensive menu, so there’s always next time.

Visit their website: 

Justina Cerra is a contributing blogger to The Classy Yinzer. She can be easily spotted throughout Pittsburgh looking for the next Yinzer Treasure. From restaurants to art galleries, if you know of a place worthy to be explored, put it on Justina’s map by emailing or leaving a comment below.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome @ActionMaxin to our Writers: What we missed during the lockout:

What we missed during the lockout you ask?

It's simple.
It's the checking of texts with your significant other all afternoon as you plan the babysitter and meeting time to head to the Burgh for the game.
It's the brisk walk up 5th Ave from the $10 parking garage on game night.
It's the quick stop in Cafe 5th Ave past the blinking red-goal light sign, and a giant can of Yuengling and full-size wings amongst friends. It's not caring if you have to rub elbows and bump shoulders with fellow Pens brethren in old Jagr jerseys and Chinese knockoff Crosbys with too-small numbers and letters, while waiting for your table.
It's the homeless-looking guys hawking tickets on the corner, who make more money than you do in a year, but you nod and smile at them anyways.
It's the ridiculously addictive pizzas a little further up on 5th at Pizza Milano where you sneak upstairs to meet your buddy before it gets too crowded. It's the too loud music there, but you don't care cause you got tickets in the 100 level. Double attack zone baby.
It's the long wait in line for the two CEC greeters to frisk you and confiscate the cans of beer from the newb in front of you. (This ain't Heinz Field, ya yinzer.)
It's the pesky Pens gals, hawking the 50-50 tickets for $5, that you rarely buy, but always gripe that you should've got one when they announce the winner at the end of the 2nd.
It's the escalator ride up, the random Let's Go Pens chants from the feller that had too many giant Yuengs at Cafe 5th Ave.
It's the squealing voice of "Cotton Candy Heeeeerrrrre!", or the echoes you think you hear on the main concourse.
It's the extra 50 cents you leave as a tip for the Labatt guy on the way to your seats.
It's passing Mr. and Mrs. Malkin and nodding to them as you'd nod to your neighbors while getting your mail.
It's settling into your seats and wondering what magic will happen tonight.
It's simple... it's a great day for hockey.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome @lastadamvb to our Writers: What we missed during the lockout

What we missed during the lockout

Like many of you ravid hockey fans out there we have been drudging through life during the last 100 plus days missing the game that we love the most. We missed the elegance of a toe drag to stay on side. We missed the missed the brute force of a solid hip-check in the corner. We missed the whistle blowing, the horn sounding, the fans cheering, and the pa announcers blaring. We have missed national anthems and goal songs. We missed 10 dollar beers and 6 dollar hotdogs. We missed breakaways and poke checks. We have missed short handed goals and power plays. We have missed bonehead penalties and fights that ignite the spark on the way to a comeback. We have missed cross state rivals and turncoats on other teams. We missed blocked shots and sick glove saves. But most of all we have missed going to the arena and screaming our heads off for a few hours with our teams gear on and not worrying about everything else in our lives. Hockey is a great escape and thankfully our escape is finally returning. I for one cant wait to forget about everything and cheer on the pens this shortened season.